Ammdent Easy

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Easy Stat is a 20% Ferric sulfate Haemostatic Gel


  • Provides effective tissue management when completing impression, restoration, crown & bridge procedures.
  • Medium Viscosity gel, will not flow on to surrounding tissue
  • As a medicament in Pulpotomy: Used as a pulpotomy medicament to control pulpal bleeding in vital pulp therapy
  • As an antibacterial agent: It not only exhibites hemostatic action but also has antimicrobial activity. Antibacterial efficacy of it is similar to 0.2% chlorhexidine.
  • During restorative procedures:
  • Features
    • As a 20% solution, Ferric Sulphate is a coagulative and hemostatic agent which forms ferric ion-protein complex on contact with blood
    • It seals the damaged vessels mechanically, thus producing hemostasis, and the capillary orifices are occluded by the agglutinated protein complex, which prevents blood clot formation
    • It causes a local and reversible inflammatory response to the oral soft tissues
    • The recommended application time is 1–3 min and should be placed directly against the damaged tissue due to its quick action
    • Solutions of Ferric Sulphate above 20% are highly acidic and may cause considerable tissue irritation and postoperative root sensitivity.<
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  • 1 x 3 ml Syringe


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