Ammdent Flurosolve (For Hypersensitivity)

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Fluoro solve is a viscous desensitizing solution



  • 2% Sodium Fluoride


  • Dentinal hypersensitivity
  • Features
    • Provides immediate results
    • Works quickly and effectively against sensitivity caused by toothbrushing, thermal or chemical effects, exposed tooth necks, or bleaching


  • 1 x13ml Bottle
  • Direction to Use
    1. Isolate the tooth/teeth to be treated with cotton pledglets
    2. Carefully dry the surface of the lesions to be treated.
    3. Place a drop of the product in a small jar or dish
    4. Take a small quantity with one of the mini brushes supplied.
    5. Apply the Fluorosolve in a thin layer
    6. Spread it gently with an air jet.
    7. Repeat the application two or three times until shiny surface is obtained.
    8. Advise patient to avoid acid foods, drink, and brushing of treated area for at least 24 hours.


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