Ammdent URC Dual Cure Resin Cement

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Description :-

Ammdent URC Universal Resin Cement is Dual Cure & Hydrophilic.

Resin Cement are low viscosity versions of restorative composites. They are the luting agents of choice for bonding metal, ceramic and indirect composite restorations.

Resin cements are typically diacrylate resins containing 50-80% glass filler particles with most particles less than 1.0 µm in size.

Dual-cure resin cements are capable of being cured by means of both chemicals and light. Self-cure initiators that can cure the cement are present. In addition, a curing light can be used to activate the photo-initiators


Packaging :-
  • 1 x 7.5g Syringe


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