Dentsply Cavity Access

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Description :-

Our access kits, which were developed in tight collaboration with Dr. Ruddle, Machtou and West, will enable you to handle all possible cases and achieve your following objectives:

  • Remove the whole pulp roof to have access to all root canals
  • Have direct root canal access (without interferences) for better endodontic quality
  • Have an irrigation reservoir during root canal treatment
  • Provide a correct basis for the restoration

For natural and healthy teeth or after crown boring: Round Carbide Burs ISO Ø 010 and 014 (REF E 0123):-

• these burs are used to cut in a surfacial way into the occlusal face in order to remove the whole pulp chamber roof – including all pulp horns – by gradually moving down towards the pulp chamber

For better control, visibility and efficiency: these burs should be used obliquely

  • Ceramic Crown:
  • The Cavity Access Set allows you to remove the whole pulp chamber roof giving you access to all root canals,
  • to have an irrigation reservoir during RCT,
  • to provide correct basis for the restoration,
  • to have direct root canal access for better Endodontic quality.


Packaging :-
  • 1 x Diamond Round Bur ISO 016
  • 1 x Transmetal FG Bur ISO 012
  • 1 x Carbide Round FG Bur ISO 010
  • 1 x Carbide Round FG Bur ISO 014
  • 1 x Diamond conical bur
  • 1 x X-Gates RA ISO 032


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