Dentsply Esthet-X Hd Syringe
– Refills


Description :-

Esthet•X HD High Definition Micro Matrix Restorative is a visible light cured, radiopaque, composite restorative material for anterior and posterior restorations of primary and permanent teeth. It is to be used following the application of a suitable dentine/enamel adhesive and is compatible with all DENTSPLY adhesives designed for use with visible light cured composite restoratives (see complete Instructions for Use of selected adhesive).

Use of other dentine/enamel adhesive systems with Esthet•X® HD

Fast, brilliant and enduring polish
• Polishes easily and quickly to a brilliant finish
• Polishes for durable, long lasting results
Smooth surface for lasting beauty
Surface roughness testing measures the smoothness of the composite surface after finishing and polishing is completed


Packaging :-
  • 1 x 3g Syringe


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– Refills”

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