Dentsply Pro Ultra
Ultrasonic Tips Satelac




SATELAC TYPE NO  : #1,#2,#3,#4,#5 (Zirconium)

 #6,#7,#8 (Titanium) (Colored)

The advantages of Endo ProUltra tips:

  • Patented contra-angled feature enhances access to all teeth
  • Abrasive coating increases efficiency and precision
  • Patented parallel wall design improves vision and safety
  • Increasing lengths and decreasing diameters promote procedural success
  • xTitanium instruments provide unsurpassed access in restrictive areas
  • Have been designed to work dry to enhance vision and safety.

Advantages of Surgical ProUltra Tips:

  • Longer lengths improve access to posterior roots
  • Multiple angles promote safety during radicular preparations
  • Abrasive coating reduces the risk of microfractures
  • Abrasive coating improves cutting efficiency and restorative retention.

In general, ProUltra Endo instruments 3-5 and 6-8 have progressively longer lengths and smaller diameters to afford procedural access and safety when working in the coronal middle and apical one-thirds of the roots.
The ProUltra surgical instrument selected is dependent on the required surgical access, the radicular anatomy and the procedure being performed.




ProUltra Endo Tips

  • Disassemble dental restorations and cores
  • Trough and chase for calcified or hidden canals
  • Remove intracanal obstruction materials
  • Efficiently eliminate pulp stones
  • Dislodge posts and broken instruments.

ProUltra Surgical Tips

  • Abrasive coated instruments for more efficient cutting of dentin
  • Irrigation port strategically placed at the tip for better control
  • Tip angles and lengths designed for better access to difficult areas.


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