Kulzer Solitaire 2 Composite


Description :-

Light curing radiopaque Polyglas hybrid composite for posterior restorations Solitaire® 2 is a lightcuring, radiopaque Polyglas® hybrid composite. The final polishing may easily be realized, it is abrasionproof and in connection with adequate bonding systems it is meant for adhesive filling therapy.


Solitaire 2 is produced on the basis of multiply cross-linking urethane (meth)acrylate monomers and contains the following inorganic fi llers at 58%(v/v) with a particle size distribution of 0.02–23 μm:

  • Ba AI F-silicate glass (∅ 0.7 μm; max. <2 μm)
  • Porous silicon dioxide (∅ 8 μm; max. <23 μm)



  • Fillings of the classes I and II according to Black
  • Fillings of class V according to Black
  • Splinting of teeth which are traumatically loose
  • Restorations of primary teeth
  • Reconstruction on stumps
  • Outstanding packability
  • Superb modelling properties – no sticking to the instrument
  • Excellent approximal contact point formation
  • Extremely resistant to mastication, excellent abrasion values.



Packaging :-
  • 1 x 4g Syringe


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