Kulzer Variotime Bite 2 x 50 ML

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Variotime Bite is an addition-cross-linking polyvinyl siloxane with a very high final Shore D hardness of 40. Its surface properties and optimized color enable it to be optically recorded in CAD/CAM systems to portray the opposing dentition. Variotime Bite can be scanned in the Kulzer scanner and many other CAD/CAM systems.


  • Standard bite registrations in the end bite position
  • Portrayal of opposing dentition
  • Coating of bite forks
  • Key material for needle point registration
  • Production of small model segments
  • Extra-high final hardness of Shore D 40
  • Extremely fast intraoral setting time of only 30 seconds
  • Distinct thixotrophy and whipped-cream-like consistency
  • Easy to trim and grind with minimal risk of fracture.
Key Specifications


Working time*1 30 seconds
Minimum time in mouth*2 30 seconds
HD hardness 72
Shore D hardness 40
Shore A hardness ≥ 94

*1 Total working time (including mixing) at 23°C (73°F); shortened to 20s at oral temperature 35°C (95°F)

*2 Minimum tim

Direction to Use

Instructions for use

  1. Please visually inspect for damage before use. Do not use damaged products.
  2. To avoid cross infection, items intended for single use must be disposed of immediately after initial use
  3. Dispense a small amount of material from a 50 ml cartridge before attaching a mixing tip
  4. After use, leave the mixing tip on the cartridge to keep it closed. Immediately before the next use, remove the mixing tip and attach a new one.



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