Kulzer Variotime Bite 2 x 50 ML

3,200.00 2,870.00


Variotime Bite is an addition-cross-linking polyvinyl siloxane with a very high final Shore D hardness of 40. Its surface properties and optimized color enable it to be optically recorded in CAD/CAM systems to portray the opposing dentition. Variotime Bite can be scanned in the Kulzer scanner and many other CAD/CAM systems.


  • Standard bite registrations in the end bite position
  • Portrayal of opposing dentition
  • Coating of bite forks
  • Key material for needle point registration
  • Production of small model segments
  • Extra-high final hardness of Shore D 40
  • Extremely fast intraoral setting time of only 30 seconds
  • Distinct thixotrophy and whipped-cream-like consistency
  • Easy to trim and grind with minimal risk of fracture.


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