Prevest Denpro Hiflex Silky Touch Putty



Hiflex Silky Touch Putty is a poly vinyl siloxane impression material that features excellent wettability, tear strength and dimensional stability. it is suitable for reproduction of teeth prepared for crowns, fixed bridges as well as both partial and complete removable prosthodontics.

  • Models can be poured up to 2 weeks after impression taking.
  • Hydrophilic properties.
  • Extremely smooth.
  • Accurate and easy to mix.
  • High Elasticity- tear resistant
  • Dimensional stability.


  • Cavity impression of facing, inlay, onlays etc.
  • impression of crowns or bridge.
  • impression of partial denture.



 Intro Pack:-

  • 1x125ml/225g Plastic Jar (Base Paste)
  • 1x125ml/225g Plastic Jar (Catalyst Paste)
  • 2xMeasuring Spoons

Regular Pack:-

  • 1x250ml/450g Plastic jar (Base Paste)
  • 1x250ml/450g Plastic jar (Catalyst Paste)
  • 2xMeasuring Spoons

Light Body:-

  • 2x50ml Base/Catalyst Paste
  • 10xMixing Tips


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