Shofu Glasionomer Fx-Ii Improved 1-1 Set

3,000.00 2,650.00


A general purpose direct restorative developed for ART and Minimal Intervention (MI) dentistry, pits and fissures, cervical erosion and abrasion, intermediate restoration for heavy stress bearing areas, final restoration for non-stress bearing Class I, II of adult dentition.

  • Improved GlasIonomer FX II features superior mechanical properties and exceptional handling characteristics for superior clinical performance.
  • Enhanced aesthetics with high translucency, fluorescence close to natural teeth and optimal polishability.
  • Excellent packable consistency ideal for posterior restoration of deciduous teeth or intermediate restoration of permanent teeth.
  • Chemically adheres to tooth structure with continuous release and recharge of fluoride ions, biocompatible and radiopaque with low solubility.
  • Available in shade: A2


Powder – 15gm Liquid – 10gm Cocoa Butter – 1gm


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