Shofu Hy-Bond Temporary Cement Soft

3,240.00 2,330.00

  • Shofu Hy-Bond Temporary Cement (Soft) is a non-eugenol, polycarboxylate based temporary cement designed for temporary cementation of provisional crowns, fixed restoration and implant prosthesis, indirect pulp capping and temporary sealing of prepared cavities as an intermediate restorative
  • Contains the patented Hy-Agent additive with tannin-fluoride that seals dentinal tubules to prevent pulpal irritation


  • Temporary cementation of temporary crowns, etc
  • Indirect pulp capping, temporary sealing after cavity preparation
  • Temporary cementation of deciduous cavities
  • Ensures easy removal with sufficient adhesive strength for short-term cementation.
  • Easy to mix, manipulate and apply.
  • Fast setting and easy to clean up
  • Minimum odour and taste

Shofu Hy – Bond Temporary Cement Soft Mini Set:

  • 1 x  60gm Powder
  • 1 x 35gm / 30ml Liquid


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