Shofu Vintage LD Press Basic Set

70,730.00 61,980.00


Ingots for the production of all-ceramic restorations

Vintage LD Press is a lithium disilicate glass ceramic in form of ingots for pressing inlays, onlays, veneers, crowns and anterior bridges. The press ingots have a high mechanical strength and are available in four different translucencies.

T (Trans)



Vintage LD Press Basic set:

40 ingots 3 g each: 5 pcs. each in the shades

  • 5  Ingot x MT-A1
  • 5  Ingot x MT-A2
  • 5  Ingot x MT-A3
  • 5  Ingot x MT-B2
  • 5  Ingot x LO-1
  • 5  Ingot x LO-2
  • 5  Ingot x T-1
  • 5  Ingot x T-2


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