Sybron Endo Touch ‘N Heat Model 5004

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Description :-
  • The Touch’n Heat conveniently and consistently puts the heat on for warm gutta percha techniques.
  • The patented autoclavable tips are internally heated so that the heat is concentrated at the end where it’s needed most.
  • Not only you have a precisely heated tip to work with, you can control it’s temperature as well.
  • Say “goodbye” to old Bunsen burners and step up to the Kerr Touch’n Heat today.
  • The unit operates from a rechargeable battery. A sturdy, sealed lead-acid battery provides quick reliable power. At the maximum setting the battery will provide 30 to 45 minutes of heating power before being depleted.
  • Recharge the battery with the charge adapter. The unit is delivered fully charged.To recharge the battery, use only the plug-in adapter which comes with the Touch ’n Heat Model 5004. Remove the tip from the probe handle and place the metal part of the probe handle in the probe holder. Put the unit in the STORE mode. Plug the
    charge adapter into a grounded wall outlet and insert the jack at the end of the cord into the receptacle at the back of the unit. The yellow light will turn on.

Note: The Touch ’n Heat will not operate while charge adaptor is plugged into unit.

  • For longest battery life, keep the unit on charge at all times when not in use.The battery is fully charged when the yellow CHRG light turns
    off. If the charge adapter is reinserted when the unit is fully charged, the CHRG light will flash once.
    The yellow LOW light will light up when it is needed to fully recharge the battery.
  • The front panel displays all power controls and indicators.The Touch ’n Heat Model 5004 panel is shown below.

1. Power Control Dial
2. Heat Light (Green)
3. Charge Light (Yellow)
4. Low Battery Light (Yellow)
5. Selector Push Button

The power control dial (1) adjusts the amount of heat supplied to the tip.The heat increases linearly over a range of 0 (low power) to 10 (maximum power), so setting of 5 equals 50% of the maximum power output. The green Heat light (2) comes on when the tip is heating. The push button switch (5) selects the USE or the STORE mode. (Button is in for USE mode, out for STORE mode.)

4. The Touch ’n Heat Model 5004 probe handle has special features

The pinvise nut (1) provides a convenient holder for the different tips. The contact spring (2) on the pinvise nut allows you to activate the Touch ’n Heat from any direction while wearing gloves. When you want to heat a tip, depress the spring so that it contacts the shaft (3)

5. Using the selector button
Whenever the unit is not being used, it should be put in the STORE mode with the selector button. The unit is deactivated in the STORE mode, preventing battery from draining. This will also prevent the tip from heating in case the touch switch is activated accidentally. This feature should always be used when changing tips.


Packaging :-
  • 1 Unit with 1 Tip


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