• Vita Akzent Plus Glaze LT

Vita Akzent Plus Glaze LT

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  • Brands : Vita
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Vita Akzent Plus Glaze LT:

  • Vita Akzent Plus Glaze LT- Low Temperature
  • Low -metting glaze material especially for ceramics with firing temperature below 800C
  • The firing temperature of the effect and body stains can be changed by adding glaze Lt
  • Glaze 3 choices to choose from based on preference/work custom
  • Akzent plus glaze (powder , paste or spray) for glass like effect sold separately
  • Akzent plus glaze Lt (powder, paste or spray) for glass like effect specifically for ceramics low temperature firing below 800C paste and spray sold separately
  • Akzent plus finishing agent (powder or paste) to create a silky matte veneer surface sold separately
  • Akzent plus powder fluid can be used to mix all Akzent plus powder materials and obtain a moldable mixture with a paste like consistency sold separately

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