• Vita VMK Master Paste Opaque

Vita VMK Master Paste Opaque

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Vita VMK Master Paste Opaque:

 VMK Master Opaque- for masking the substructure material

Three variations are available for the application of the wash opaque (sold separately) or opaque materials- powder sold separately : the opaque powder is mixed with the vita opaque fluid (sold Separately) and applied to the clean and dry substructure using a brush or glass instrument -pastes: the paste opaque in classical shades or 3D shades (sold Separately) is supplied in a ready-to-use consistency and can also be applied using a brush or glass instrument.

Application of the opaque : On the substructure that has been pre-treated and oxidized in accordance with the parameters given by the alloy manufacture. After cleaning the substructure must not be picked up with the fingers but with clean tweezers or clips.

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